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   Includes full coverage of the day.

  1. Bullet   Videographer will provide service for up to 10 hours for the day at unlimited amount of locations, with start time at ceremony location beginning at least 1 hour prior to ceremony start time (due to set up and establishing shots).

  2. Bullet  3 Cameras for the ceremony,  2 videographers for the entire day

  3. Bullet  Cinematic Story Highlight Video 20-25 minutes in length

  4. Bullet  Music Video Style Highlight Video 2-3 minutes in length, also posted online

  5. Bullet   Lightly Edited Ceremony and Toasts

  6. Bullet  2nd Disc featuring Raw/Light Edit Footage approximately 80-90 minutes long.


The whole sh-bang!  Because when else are you going to throw a party this big and special?

Golden Gala  $3,800